Rotary potenciometer -speed controller with steps PO1-ST5-24

Pakopinis potenciometras-greičio reguliatorius PO1-ST5-24
Pakopinis potenciometras-greičio reguliatorius PO1-ST5-24

Category: Potentiometer speed controllers for EC motors

Price: 27.35 Eur 32.50 Eur


Potentiometer speed controller PO1-ST5-24 is designed to control fans with EC motors where is required DC control signal. Potentiometer for external setting of controllers with 0..10V input and voltage supply +10V. The desired output voltage 0..10V is adjusted step by the rotary switch, a control voltage output dependent on switch position. Additional switch function e.g., for controller enable ON/OFF. The inegrated LED can be used for operation or status display.

NOTE: Direct switching step „0“ to step „5“ or from stepfrom „5“ to step „0“ is not possible!



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