Potentiometer-controller PO1

Potenciometras greičio reguliatorius PO1
Potenciometras greičio reguliatorius PO1

Category: Potentiometer speed controllers for EC motors

Price: 22.37 Eur 24.85 Eur


Potentiometers  speed contreollers PO1 are designed for devices where a DC control signal required of fans with EC motor. A speed setting can be made through energetic recovery to the input of the fan/controller by connecting the potentiometer to a supply voltage (10 V) provided by an EC fan or controller. Alternatively, a set-point (external set-point) can be preset through the potentiometer.

Technical data

Supply voltage: 10VDC

Setting range: 0...10kOhm

Output voltage: 0...10Vdc

Switch rating: 4A / 250Vac 10A/12Vdc

Protection class: 44/54 IP

Max. ambient temperature: 35˚C

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