Differential pressure transmitter DPT112NEH (Modbus)

Skirtuminio slėgio keitiklis DPT112NEH (Modbus)
Skirtuminio slėgio keitiklis DPT112NEH (Modbus)

Category: Differential pressure transmitters

Price: 110.50 Eur 124.74 Eur


Differential pressure transmitters DPT11.. are engineered for building automation in the HVAC/R industry, pressure and flow monitoring, and low differential pressure test in industry application.

Technical Data

• Accuracy: ±0.5% FS

• Pressure range: -10000~10000Pa

• Unit: Pa,mmH2O,mbar,inWG,mmHG,daPa,hPa

• Output signal: Modbus (RS485)

• Supply Voltage: 16~30VDC/16~30VAC

• Power Supply: 1.5W

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